Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Highlights I

On Saturday we had some friends over to enjoy my last real "free" weekend before my professional development and back to school routine begins.  It was a pretty low key get together.  I made these amazing vegan chocolate cupcakes with mocha frosting from this cookbook.  I highly recommend going to get this book if only for this cupcake frosting recipe.  It took all my will power to dump the leftover frosting and not shovel spoonfuls of it in my mouth.


On Sunday Andy and I decided to go geocaching at a park near us.  We brought Thor with us, so we didn't really get to do much geocaching, but it was still a nice day out.


We're working with Thor on not freaking out when he sees other dogs.  I think we're slowly making progress.  We saw lots of dogs in the park, and he did kind of freak out, but he didn't bark.  Success!

Technically school doesn't start until next Tuesday, but we have two days of professional development and a lot of family plans for this upcoming weekend, so this really felt like my last summer weekend.  It was a good one, so no complaints here.

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  1. YUM to that frosting & yay for dog walks and geocaching. I've attempted a couple of times around where I live and have failed to find them...need to try again soon!