Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last Trip of the Summer

I've been fortunate to be able to travel a lot this summer.  Over the weekend I took my last trip of the summer to go visit my family and to attend a baby shower for my cousin and his girlfriend.

Baby Shower

Clearly there was plenty of food.


They got lots of awesome gifts, including this amazing crocheted blanket . . . not bragging or anything.

Ribbon Hats

As tradition dictates, ribbon hats were made.

I also got to see my little cousins, who are rapidly becoming not so little.

Bryanna & Casie

I did have an encounter with the tiniest dog in existence.  He growled and tried to bite me . . . seriously little guy, you are the least intimidating thing I've ever seen.


It was a good way to wrap up the summer, now I feel ready to slowly ease myself back into my school routine.  I went into my classroom for the first time today, and was pleasantly surprised to see I received a new computer!  Clearly a sign it's going to be a good school year.

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