Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School Shopping

There are many great reasons to be a teacher, but definitely in the top five is an excuse every year to do back to school shopping.  Of course I purchase things for my classroom and students, but I can't neglect myself.  How can I adequately teach the children if I am not appropriately dressed?  I have to be a positive role model right?

I've been really trying hard to build a wardrobe of quality items I love and will have for a long time instead of cheap impulsive buys that I just like.  I tried to keep this in mind when shopping for new shoes.  Although these were a clearance bargain (75% off), and not what I went shopping for in particular, they're classic and comfy so I know I won't have any buyer's remorse.


I went shopping with the intention of purchasing a pair of neutral colored medium height heels.  I found these.


Wedges are a teacher's best friend.  I feel so much more prepared to go back to school now.  Maybe tomorrow I'll shop for some stuff for my bulletin board . . .

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  1. Ooh I definitely need some wedges! Happy back to school shopping (for you and your classroom!).