Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anniversary Outfit

To celebrate our second anniversary Andy and I went to Sonsie on Newbury Street.  It was a beautiful night, we loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and the food was amazing.  I decided to get dressed up for the occasion.

Anniversary Outfit: 8.7.12

I'm Wearing:
Top - Express
Skirt - Loft (gift from MIL)
Earrings - gift from a very thoughtful student
Shoes - really old
Purse - also really old (gift from mom)

Anniversary Outfit: 8.7.12

These pictures are not the greatest, since they were taken hastily before booking it to catch our train home.  For my birthday my mother in-law took me shopping to get me back to school clothes, and this skirt was one of the purchases.  I couldn't wait for school to start to wear it.  As much as I love those shoes they totally destroyed my feet walking from our T stop the the restaurant, then to Sweet for dessert.  It was worth a few blisters for these cupcakes though.

Cupcakes from Sweet

Pina colada and peach cobbler - seriously amazing.  I didn't let Andy smash cake in my face on our wedding day, and I certainly wouldn't let him smash this in my face, way too delicious to waste.

I'll be wearing flats for a while and avoiding sweets until my blood sugar levels return to normal (do you see all that frosting?  I ate all of that), but all totally worth it.

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  1. Great anniversary outfit and yummmmmm---those cupcakes!