Monday, September 24, 2012

"Miss, what color are your pants?"

For the record this conversation actually happened:

Student:  Miss, I have a question.
Me: Yes?
S:  It's going to sound really stupid.
Me:  There's no such thing as a stupid question.
S:  Ok . . . um, Miss, what color are your pants?
Me:  What?
S:  Like, they're not red, but not brown either . . .
Me:  They're maroon.
S:  What's that?
Me:  A color.  It's what color these pants are.
S:  No, that's not a color.
Me:  It is, do you want to look it up in the dictionary.
S:  No Miss.  I guess I believe you.

Outfit 9.20.12

I'm Wearing:
Jacket - Charlotte Russe
T-Shirt - JCrew
Pants - New York & Company
Boots - Clarks

I'm standing kind of funny because I splattered coffee all over the right side of my body.  Hopefully it will come out.  If not this jacket is at least half the age of my students so I wouldn't be devastated if it met it's demise due to beverage stains.

What is your most bizarre colored piece of clothing?  Do people comment when you wear it?  I didn't consider these pants to be that out of the ordinary, but they gave me an opportunity to teach something other than history to my students.

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